On-Call and Leaves

The NPM Policy on Leaves, Requests for Time Off, and Moonlighting is comprised of a few key components, which are currently being reviewed.

The Postgraduate Medical Education office has a comprehensive policy on leaves of absence and requests for time off.  The Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Program follows the guidelines set by the Postgraduate office (see Important message below) regarding Leaves of Absence and requests for time off.

Some key points to consider:

Advance Notice. For scheduling purposes, all requests for time off must be sumbitted online a minimum of one (1) month prior to the block in which the leave will occur.

Approval. Requests for time off will be confirmed within two weeks of the initial request.  This being recognized, it may not always be possible to confirm the request within two weeks.  In these instances the expectation would be that the Fellow receives communication regarding the request within the two week period.  All requests must be approved and signed before the leave takes place.

Estimated turn-around time for approval/rejection of requests for time off is approximately eight (8) days.  In special circumstances more time may be required in order to sort through scheduling issues.

Annual Vacation. A one month block is prefered.  The program is agreeable to a two-way split of the vacation time.  We do not encourage more than a three-way split of the time due to the foreseeable complications that arise in scheduling vacation and service time.

One-month Requests. If a trainee is requesting a one month block, this request should be made well in advance, before the rotation schedules are drawn up.  In essence, one-month vacation blocks should be requested prior to the start of the academic year in order to enable the program to accommodate such requests wherever possible.

It should be recognized that missing a one-month mandatory rotation could impact on the resident’s program and should be discussed with the Program Director.

Vacation Days. A total of 20 vacation days per year are allowed, and will only be consumed by weekdays.  Fellows will not be scheduled for on-call duties or shifts on ONE of the weekends immediately prior to or following five (5) consecutive weekdays of vacation.

Professional Leave Days (including exam days).  In addition to vacation entitlement, residents shall be granted additional paid leave for educational purposes. Such educational leave, up to a maximum of seven (7) working days per annum, shall be consecutive if requested by the resident, and shall not be deducted from regular vacation entitlement. Such leave may be taken by housestaff at any time, provided only that professional and patient responsibilities are met to the satisfaction of the hospital department head.  Each resident shall be entitled to paid leave for the purpose of taking any Canadian or American professional certification examination; for example, Royal College examinations, LMCC, ECFMG, CFPC. This leave shall include the exam date(s) and reasonable travelling time to and from the site of the examination.*

Sick Days.  Sick days will be considered individually, and should be reported to the shift supervisor, the chief, the program administrator, and program director before the shift as soon as possible.

Carrying Vacation Forward. Under exceptional circumstances, Fellows may request a portion of vacation to be carried over into the next academic year.  Such requests must be approved in writing by the Program Director during the year in wich the vacation is earned.  Vacation can ony be carried forward for one year.


  1. The Fellow submits a request on CakeHR
  2. The Program Assistant checks that the Fellow has the available days for the leave (48-hour work-day response time)
  3. The Chief Fellow will approve/deny based on clinical coverage (48-hour work-day response time)
  4. The Program director will approve or disapprove the request (48-hour work-day response time)
  5. The Program Assistant with then inform the Fellow that it has been approved/denied (48-hour work-day response time)
  6. The request is filed in the Fellow’s binder, copied to the Program Director and ePortfolio

This policy is in line with the PARO policy on vacation which can be found here: http://www.myparo.ca/Contract/PARO-CAHO_Agreement#Vacation. Some excerpts are directly from the PARO agreement, and are denoted by an * asterisk.