Program History

The Neonatal Perinatal Medicine program achieved full accreditation by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in April 2015.  Our division at McMaster Children’s Hospital has grown to include seven full-time academic neonatologists and four part time clinical neonatologists.  The Program has a strong commitment to clinical teaching and clinical and research mentorship.

Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Program History

Dr. Jack Sinclair
Oct 1989 – Jun 1990

Dr. Barbara Schmidt
Jul 1990 – Aug 1995

Dr. John Watts (Acting)
Sep 1995 – Aug 1998

Kyong-Soon Lee

Dr. Kyong-Soon Lee
Sep 1998 – Jan 2005


Dr. Mike Marrin
Feb 2005 – Jun 2006

Dr. Guilherme Sant’Anna
Jul 2006 – Jun 2009

Dr. Prashanth Murthy
Jul 2009 – Jul 2013


Dr. Muzafar Gani Abdul Wahab
Jun 2013 – Jul 2018