Assessment Methods

The residents in our program are evaluated by following assessment methods periodically during their training period. These include:

  • The in-training evaluation report (every rotation)
  • Mini-CEX, a work based assessment tool (done weekly)
  • Procedure Log (every six months)
  • Multi-Source Feedback (every six months)
  • Twice a year MCQ/SAQ examinations (January and June)
  • The American Subspecialty In-Training Examination SITE (that has a summative component)
  • Yearly structured Oral Examination (January)
  • Yearly National OSCE Examination (April)
  • Yearly Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada subspecialty examination affiliate program SEAP

The Program Director assigns a faculty supervisor for each resident every month for monthly evaluation and feedback on each resident. The written evaluation is done via the online One45 System.  Supervisors are responsible for direct observation of the resident on his or her rotation and for evaluation of their CanMEDS competencies. Each resident is assigned a faculty mentor who receives copies of all evaluations. One of the expectations of the faculty mentor is to regularly meet with the resident to go over their evaluations. This happens through scheduled quarterly meetings.

The resident-in-training evaluation reports are signed off on monthly basis by the Evaluation subcommittee chair. In addition, the results from the American Board Subspecialty in Training exam, OSCE exam, SOE exam, and MCQ/SAQ examination, Mini CEX and Multi source feedback are also reviewed. The chair then calls off for quarterly evaluation sub committee meeting and reviews all the resident files and their documentations for the previous three months period and makes a decision using this information as whether to promote or remediate. A detailed quarterly summary is prepared and submitted to the Program Director with copies to the Mentor and the resident. The Program Director signs off the quarterly report and also reviews with the resident about their overall progress at six-monthly Program Directors Meeting.