Level 1

The resident may elect to reject the designation by appealing at the program level to the Program Director through a written statement outlining why he or she rejects the designation, why it is inaccurate and what is the desired result. The resident is encouraged to submit this appeal no later than two weeks after the evaluation report. The Program Director then forms a level 1 Appeal Panel which includes the PD, Fellow Mentor, Evaluation Sub Committee Chair and one Faculty who is not part of the evaluation committee. The panel review all documentations, gives an opportunity for the resident to attend this meeting, invites relevant individuals involved in the evaluation, and finally submits its report to the Program Director. A copy of the report is kept in resident’s file as well as sent to the resident and the Assistant Dean at PGME office at the same time.

Level 2 and 3 appeal

The resident may still elect to reject the designation of level 1 appeal process outcomes, and may further appeal to Appeals Review Board (ARB) within 15 working days of the level 1 appeal report. Level 2 and 3 appeal process is outlined in PGME evaluation policy document. URL for this document is below.

Postgraduate Medical Education Policy on Evaluation, Remediation, and Appeals.