Awards and Honours

Fellows and Faculty

Resident Teaching

2016 – Shikha Gupta – Subspecialty Resident and Fellow Teaching Award

2015 – Mary Woodward – Contributions to Resident Teaching

Faculty Award for Tutor of the Year

2016 – Amit Mukerji

2015 – Amit Mukerji

2014 – Muzafar Gani Abdul Wahab

Fellow Recognition

2016 Shikha Gupta – Chief Fellow
Mary Woodward – Curriculum Lead
Anna John – Journal Club Lead
Ghanem Al-Ghanem – Program Committee
2015 Aravanan Chakkarapani – Chief Fellow
Mary Woodward – Resident Teaching
Souvik Mitra – Dedication to Clinical Work
Jameel AlGhamdi – Personal Achievement in Learning
2014 Khaled Al Mannaei – Chief Fellow
Srinivasa Doreswamy – Trainee of the Year, for research and clinical contributions
Shikha Gupta – Curriculum Lead
Aravanan Chakkarapani – Clinical Lead

Research Awards

2015 Erin Landau-Crangle (MSc student supervised by Dr. Chris Fusch) was selected as the McMaster candidate to attend the Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Training Program (CCHCSP) and the Council for Canadian Child Health Research (CCCHR) Joint Symposium in Halifax in June 2015.


Erin Landau-Crangle (MSc student supervised by Dr. Chris Fusch) is the recipient of the 2015-16 Ruth Binnie Fellowship award given by the Canadian Federation of University Women. The Ruth Binnie Fellowship is awarded to a candidate in any of the following areas of study: human nutrition, food science, housing/shelter and aesthetics, architecture, financial resource management, clothing and textiles, family relations, human sexuality, human development.


Annual Neonatal Research Day –
Congratulations to two members of our group that attended the 14th Annual Neonatal Research Day in Toronto on April 23rd, 2015. Dr. Souvik Mitra (Neonatal Fellows), was awarded the “Neonatal Research Day – Award for Best Presentation” for his poster entitled, “Indomethacin Dose-Interruption and Maternal Chorioamnionitis: Risk Factors for Indomethacin Treatment Failure in Preterm Infants with PDA”.
A-Rum Choi, MSc student supervised by Dr. Chris Fusch, was also awarded the “Neonatal Research Day – Award for Best Presentation” for her poster entitled, “Can Osmolality of Target Fortified Breast Milk for Preterm Infants be Predicted?” These students received two of the three awards given out among 40 presenters.